Boston Teen Hunger Force

The fallout from Boston’s freakout about the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Guerrilla ad campaign continues to amaze me. It all started at 8:05AM on 01.31.2007, when someone reported an unidentified device attached to an overpass on I-93 in Boston, and the city responded with “an army of emergency vehicles”, effectively shutting down parts of the freeway and ensnarling morning rush hour traffic. Then, that same evening, the two goofballs who placed the devices in Boston were arrested and charged with placing a hoax device to incite panic. And just this past Friday, Jim Samples, a Cartoon Network GM, resigned due to the negative publicity, and also agreed to pay Boston $2 million in damages… this is all due to some glorified Brite-Lite type devices being slapped up around the city of Boston. Whaddup, paranoid?!?

It’s funny that these things were also scattered all over New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, but yet were barely a blip on the radar in any of those cities. In fact, here in SF, Jamie Alexander, the owner of the Park Life Store, found one attached to the sign above his shop. His response was, “I thought, ‘What the hell is this?’ “, followed by, “I left it up. I though it was cool.” Jamie, what were you thinking? The terrorists could have been so close to blowing your ass up! I’m stoked to see that you (and your shop) prevailed.

I think this video sums all the shenanigans up best (click on it to kick it off)…

There is a sliver lining in this cloud of ridiculosity though. A rad new commemorative T-shirt, one that would have probably never seen the light of day had all of this not gone down, was unleashed upon the interwebs. I know I’m gettin’ in on that one!!