Posters are Qoöl

This past Wednesday was poster nite #3 over at Qoöl Happy Hour, which reminded me of a few things I meant to post last summer but never got around to for one lame reason or another. I want to be able to look back on these things down the line, so better late than never, I suppose.

1st up is the inaugural quarterly Qoöl Poster, brought to us by BoyKani, and introduced to the masses (or at least the Qoölios) while So! and I were off in Italy this past May. Being a lover of the free posters (I’m always the one annoying the Fillmore employees with, “hey, where are the free posters?” at the end of every show), a long time attendee of Qoöl Happy Hour, and a close bud of the arteest, I made damn sure that I got my hands on a couple of these puppies. If you didn’t make it down to 111 Minna that fateful nite, then chances are you didn’t get one and have never seen the artwork… until now.

2nd are the web images of the posters that were available for purchase at the Foo Fighters “Afoostic” shows over in Berkeley last July. Being a lover of the *free* poster (as overly stated above), I had a hard time justifying the cost of purchasing either of these. As they’re no longer available I’m kinda bummed out that I didn’t add them to my collection while I had the chance, but I guess I did score the next best thing in snagging the digital copies off of their site while they were up.

Finally I’ve got the “proof” (I say “proof” because how is that one correct?) and the actual Fillmore poster from the Beck show last May… can you tell which is which? And if so, can you spot the difference? I’ll give you a hint… we saw this show in 2-0-0-6. DOH! Part of me says, “lame”, but it is what it is so part of me thinks it’s aiiiiiiiiiight. Good one on So! for spotting the flock up. I’ve always wondered how the poster’s artist feels about the whole thing. Kinda embarrasing, but what can you do?