Siiiiiiick Banner Campaign in the Lower Haight

I was going to take some photos and post about all of the new kick ass banners that were recently put up on the light poles in the Lower Haight, but Upper Playground beat me to it. Apparently Upper Playground, in collaboration with San Francisco’s Lower Haight Merchants Association, got together with forty seven (yes, 47!) artists to create a seemingly permanent art installation in the Lower Haight.

Artists involved in the banner project include: Blaine Fontana, Alex Pardee, Andy Howell, Will Barras, Ben Belsky, BENE, Boogie, Brian Flynn, Craola, Dalek, Date Farmers, David Choe, Denis Kennedy, Dora Drimalas, Doze Green, Estevan Oriol, Faile, Mike Giant, Grime, Herbert Baglione, HVW8, Mr. Jago, Jeff Soto, Jeremy Fish, Jim Houser, the London Police, Mars One, Maya Hayuk, Michael Sieben, Miss Van, Mode 2, Morning Breath, Nate Van Dyke, Nome, Norm, Obey, Ricky Powell, Rob Abeyeta Jr., Ron English, Saber, Sam Flores, Seak, Travis Millard, Usugrow, Victor Reyes, Vitche, and Thesis.

Much props to the peeps that put this all together. The Lower Haight is lookin’ good!

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