You See My Chrome is Shining Just Like an Icicle…

Vans Vault is doing a collaboration with Schwinn on a customized edition of the Sting-Ray Classic bicycle, and it looks like I’m going to be able to get my hands on one!! If you know me well enough, then you know how and who is making this all possible… if not, then don’t ask, ‘cuz I ain’t tellin’. I’m really excited on this one and super stoked that my boy remembered to hook a bruva up. Mr. X, you are da mang.

  • Reissue of the revolutionary coaster brake Krate model.
  • 16″ Front Wheel with 20″ x 2.125″ Sting-Ray Slik in back lays down righteous skids.
  • Full-floating ride compliments of suspension seat struts and a shock-absorbing Springer fork.
  • Sting-Ray Chrome Plated hi-rise handlebars for a classic riding position.
  • Limited edition run.
  • Hells yeah!

(Deets scraped off the Schwinn Pea Picker Sting-Ray web page, which seems to be configured pretty closely to how the Vans one is gonna be.)

Note to Self: Don’t Go to Hip-Hop Shows

Self, please remember to not go to any more hip-hop shows unless:

1) You need to be reminded when the new album is dropping in stores.
2) You can’t wait to watch a stage full of skinny white chicks, freshly plucked from the audience, dancing soulessly to some funky beats.
3) You’re really interested in hearing how well the family members and friends of each of the billed artists can rhyme.
4) You want to enjoy sped up and clipped renditions of some of your favorite tracks.
5) You feel the need to stand around for hours waiting for the main act to come on.
6) When the main act finally does come on, you want to witness them spending up to 1/2 their time on stage going off on some diatribe and/or stopping again and again to axe the crowd to “make some nooooiiiiiiiise!!”

And finally Self, remember, you’re not hatin’, you’re just sayin’…

Performed Live: Coolest Rock Video Ever

So about a month ago I wrote about the Coolest Rock Video Ever by the band OK Go. Well, these fools have outdone themselves by performing this crazy piece of choreography on 8 treadmills, during the MTV Video Music Awards, live in front of however many millions of people. One take (as far as all of us in TV land know), and they stomped it. Check it:

OK Go: Here it Goes Again on TreadmillsOriginal Video | Live at MTV VMA’s