I got to say it was a good day

Man, today was a good one. It was 80+ degrees farenheit with tons of sun and a slight breeze. Weather this all-around perfect doesn’t show up very often in San Francisco, and it’s even more rare when it does on a Saturday or Sunday. So, unless you’re a fool, taking advantage of a weekend day like today is a must.

Smokey and I started the day off by hooking his moms up with a big ol’ stack of Morinaga Japanese hotcakes, fresh strawberries and a glass of Tangerine Juice. Tasty. Then So! and I hopped online for the 10AM onsale of the Radiohead Berkeley Greek Theatre shows taking place June 23 & 24. Both shows sold out almost immediately, but our lightning quick ‘net reflexes enabled us to land tickets for both shows. Score. After that we took Smokey up to the Corona Heights dog park, which has recently transitioned from mud bog to dust bowl. He spazzed out with other dogs and chased the tennis ball for a while, but wore out pretty quickly given the cloudless sky of the warming day. Headed back home for a quick bite to eat and then it was off to Doggie Obedience Class at the SF/SPCA.

An hour later we were done with class so we cruised over to the San Francisco REI for their 20% off sale. I picked up a super lightweight wind/rain Marmot Essence Jacket, which is something I’ve been needing for a while now. Spring and summer bike riding is gonna be so much more comfortable with this thing.

Then we swung back by home, tried to call my Mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, picked up some stuff and headed to Duboce Park, where we proceeded to kick it for over two hours. We played fetch with the Smoke Dogg, caught up on some reading (I finally finished up a “page turner” novel that took me over three months to get through) and chilled out with eachother while soaking up some of the sweet sunshine.

5PM rolled around and we decided it was time to start thinking about dinner. Went home, was able to get in touch with Mom, talked to Grandma and then rolled over to the Safeway to purchase some fixin’s. Back home again, stoked the grill and the beer can chicken was roasting away in no time. An hour later I pulled the chicken off for a rest, slapped on some double skewered okra and soon after we were chowing down.

Days like today are too few and far between…

All that glitters is not gold…

So, in one of my previous posts, I talked about how great Future Primitive was and how bummed I was that their shop, Future Primitive Sound Headquarters, had gone out of business. Well, since then I’ve run across Mike Giant’s page on REBEL8 and found out that FPSHQ went out of business in a terribly sketchy fashion. It’s too bad that they couldn’t stay afloat as a company, but much much worse that they burned a bunch of bridges on their way out.

Here’s what MG had to say:

On October 13th of last year, I had an opening at Future Primitive in San Francisco. The show was called “Sweet Sixteen”, and I set it up as retrospective of the last 16 years worth of graffiti. I showed a photographic timeline of graffiti work and numerous illustrations. I had a lot of hesitation going into the show because the person who organized it quit working at Future Primitive a month or so before the opening, leaving me to wonder if the owner, Mark Herlihy, would be able to pick up the slack. Evidently not, considering the fact that Future Primitive is no longer in business.

Currently, much of the work from that show has been recovered and is now being stored at the REBEL8 warehouse. I have not heard from Mark about getting my percentage of art sold, and frankly I don’t plan on hearing from him. If anyone has given Mark or anyone at Future Primitive money towards purchase of any of the pieces in the show, please contact Josh. He can sort you out.

The pieces posted here are available for purchase, unless someone can prove they already paid Future Primitive for the piece, in which case the artwork will be delivered immediately. I won’t get any money for the pieces already sold, but I’d still like the art to be in the rightful owner’s hands. If any of those who’ve paid for pieces used a credit card, please contact your credit card company and see if you can cancel the charge in lieu of their going out of business. At least then I can get the money for my work instead of a shady business man getting the cash.


I guess I’m changing my stance from “R.I.P. F.P.S.H.Q.” to “Good Riddance F.P.S.H.Q.”. We don’t need companies like you screwing the artists that we love and support.